Theme Park - Two Hours (RAC Remix) 

Does everything RAC touch turn to gold!?  This remix, just like almost every other one by RAC has a beautiful, tropical vibe with that uplifting pop sound characteristic of the songs that they remix.They definitely didn’t start from scratch with this one though, because the original by Theme Park is also fantastic.  Take a listen to both of them, and download RAC's mix because it's FREE!

Theme Park - Two Hours (Original Mix)

Sam Sparro - Pocket (The Presets Radio Mix)

If you are like me and hadn’t heard this song until today, take a listen because this one is brilliant!  I heard this on one of the White Light Mixes that I just posted about and I keep finding gems like this one in these fantastic mixes.  

Now your job is to download this song, play it, and get dancey!


Gene Chandler - Does She Have a Friend (Zimmer Remix)

Here’s a fun little edit by Zimmer of an R&B classic.  It’s free for download so get it and enjoy it!

Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive (Gigamesh Remix)

Well here’s another banger from Gigamesh.  That’s not really surprising though considering the rate at which he has been churning them out recently.  This one is a remix of Sunday Drive by Ladyhawke.  The name is a little misleading, because this track is no Sunday drive.  The arpeggiated synths and pounding bass make sure you’re dancing the whole way through.  I could imagine speeding down the highway with the windows open with this song absolutely blasting.

For a slightly more mellow version, check out the Scissor Sisters remix, which has been all over the blogosphere for the past couple of days.

Ladyhawke - Sunday Drive (Scissor Sisters Remix)

White Light Mixes

"The White Light mixes are, ultimately, about two things: music and space", is the description of this fantastic mix series curated by Neoteric & Matty C.  The goal of this series is to post coherent mixes of songs, rather than just shuffled tracks.  This ongoing series of 55 boasts mixes by Plastic Plates, Alan Braxe, Cassian, Gigamesh, Tronik Youth, Rory Phillips, and many other notable DJs and producers.

The content of these mixes ranges from the best of nu-disco, to classic house infuences, to even jazz, soul and reggae.  These artist are showcasing their influences, what they are listening to, and trying to give their music some space.  The intention is that people slow down and listen to the music instead of flipping from song to song like you forgot to take your Ritalin.  I know that I’m going to be spending the next couple of weeks listening to all of these.  You should too!

Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix) - [Download]

In this fantastic, and incredibly interesting remix, Soulwax transforms this indie favorite by the Arcade Fire with accentuated hand claps, a bouncing bass and really stripping this song down to its essentials.  This remix manages to bring out the emotion of this song without sacrificing the original sound, plus adding a little bit of dance to it.  Take a listen and have a download, because this one is FREE!

Kennedy - Karate (Tronik Youth Wax On/Wax Off Edit) - [Download]

This is a new little edit, just released by Tronic Youth on their Soundcloud of the extra fun and funky Karate by Kennedy.  ”I know karate, I know jui-jitsu, I drive like a gangster when I’m comin’ to see you” is the refrain of this 2006 song that Tronik Youth just touches up to bring into 2012.  Take a listen and have a download, because this one is FREE!

Elton Versus Pnau - Good Morning to the Night

WOW! this song blew me away.  The combination of Elton John’s voice with modern dance music sounds better than I could ever imagine.  The even better part of this is that there is going to be a whole album! Plus, Elton and Pnau are going to be playing LIVE together! Their only performance booked for now is at the Ibiza 123 Rocktronic festival, but I can’t wait until they come somewhere near me.  Look out, because this is a concert that no one should miss!

Architecture in Helsinki - Desert Island (Halma’s Remix) - [Download]

Wow! This remix blew me away.  It mixes in all kinds of dance, pop chillwave and some interesting sounds to make this one of my favorite tracks right now.  Architechture in Helsinki out of Australia has been putting out quality music for about ten years now including several great remixes, including ones for Metronomy and Cut Copy.  I am really interested though, in Halma, who I hadn’t heard of until listening to this song.  I can’t find out much about them, but I’ll sure be looking out for their music from now on!

Ride The Universe - A Little Better (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)

Were you worried that I had stopped listening to dance music!? Well calm down, because here is one from Ride The Universe, who you know only produce bangers.  Jane Elizabeth Hanley lends her always amazing vocals to this one, perfectly complementing the synths and the funky guitar.

In case you hadn’t heard it, here is an amazing cover of Phoenix’s Liztomania by Edwin Van Cleef and Elizabeth Hanley:

Edwin Van Cleef - Liztomania (feat. Elizabeth Hanley) - [Download]